Dear Laila,

Good morning my little girl on the move. You are out of control lately! Can’t and won’t sit still unless you’re sleeping. You love climbing onto things (including my face and daddy’s face) and you have learned to slowly climb up stairs. Crawling on the floor is a piece of cake for you, you speed demon. You are using everything in sight to pull up to standing and you desperately seem like you are trying to get ahold of the whole standing/walking stuff. SO SCARY! In addition to your two cute bottom teeth you have gotten a new top tooth as well! Soon you will look like a little baby beaver. I got you a toy remote so you maybe would get over your obsession with putting the real remotes in your mouth. You are also now obsessed with electrical cords, great. Trying to keep you alive is getting harder and harder. 

I still love you more than I can put into words, my little baby bug


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