Dear Laila,

Laila, looks like I forgot about this website for over a year. I’m so sorry! Since I last wrote, I finished my Master’s Degree, passed the LMSW exam, and landed my dream job as a School Social Worker for the Blue Valley School District. Most importantly, last October, I married your daddy! You were the star of the show at the wedding (please ask to see the photo of you carrying the flower basket in your mouth). A little over a month ago we went to Mexico with Mimi, Papa, Aunt Erin, Uncle Matt, and cousin Peyton. You were sick at first and mama was very scared… but we had a blast! You loved the Coatis and having a big girl bed of your own. This time around you also loved the beach. We collected sea shells and fed the fishies. For the first month of 2018 we were both sick on and off so lots of snuggles and TLC were a must!

Last time I wrote you hadn’t even said “Mama” yet. Man, what a little over a year really has done to your vocabulary. You started daycare last August and you have added so many words and phrases to your repertoire. You are one smart (and sassy) almost 2.5 year old. Right now your favorite sayings are: “nope!”, “I don’t want to”, and “I will not!” – luckily, these are paired with “Kiss?”, “Hug?”, “I love you Mama/daddy”, and “I’m shaking my butt!” 🙂

Your favorite movie right now is Moana (“Kwana”) and your favorite food is Oatmeal (“happy meal”). You don’t necessarily have a favorite toy right now but you like your chairs and blankets and talk about them often.

In a month we are going to Disney World and you are excited to visit Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s castle. You asked if Minnie Mouse would bite your baby toes when we meet her. Dad and I got a good laugh out of that.

You constantly tell us that you want a baby sister- although we can’t promise anything, we are working on it.

Your best friends at school are Greyson, Mia, and Chloe. Although she isn’t your teacher, we really like Ms. Elise- she normally helps you get settled in when we get there in the morning.

Naps and bedtime are rough, hopefully this is just a phase.

Hopefully we are caught up now, I’ll try to write more frequently!

Love you more than the sun, the earth, the moon, and the stars,



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