Dear Laila,

As I watch you in your Jumperoo on this delightfully warm Thursday morning in February I can’t help but smile. You are growing up with such wonder, such fascination for everything around you. If Tonka or Olive walk by you stop what you’re doing and simply stare at them, following them with your eyes, until they leave your sight. You are not scared of them at all, which also makes me extremely happy. I hope Olive lives long enough for you to remember her, she was my first baby and I hope you get to have a special bond with her like I do.

We are both sick today. I got you sick. I am sorry, but there was really no way around it, I’ve only washed my hands a good 500 times and made sure not to cough or sneeze around you but, this was unavoidable. You still woke up as your normal smiley happy self, with dried snot stuck under your nose (SO CUTE THOUGH!).

The last few days we have tried some fruit. On Tuesday we tried bananas and yesterday we tried apples. You loved them both! Today we will try pears! It is so much fun to watch you try and experience new things. I watch you learn something new every day and I am so lucky that I get to be your caregiver so I don’t miss a beat.

I love you more than Olive and Tonka love to lick your feet. My little mini, you are very loved.


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