Dear Laila, 

Sweet baby girl. Last weekend was your first birthday and we had a wonderful party at our house with all of our family and close friends. It was so bittersweet. In the last week you have gone from barely walking to walking everywhere and hardly crawling. You just continue to impress me with how quick you pick things up when you try them.

Last weekend me and daddy got engaged! I am so excited to continue to grow as a family and also excited to get to share a last name with you and him. This next year is going to be pretty crazy but it will definitely be worth it.

I love your little gap-toothed smile, your squishy cheeks, and your wild hair. Most importantly, I love your quirky personality and overall happy outlook and attitude. You are one happy baby, and I am one happy mama. 

Now only if you would start saying mama…

I love you anyways 🙂 


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